The Java application library is built with Eclipse. The JAR files contain the source code and other resources. A word of caution: this library has no warranties and is work in progress.

Latest release

2007-01-17 com.gbkr.library_1.3.21.jar com.gbkr.library.util
More work on UTC and Logging now can log the classpath.

Previous releases

2007-01-03 com.gbkr.library_1.3.20.jar com.gbkr.library.util
Some corrections to UTC: the right test for isOnOrBefore(...); and explicitly setting the calendar era on initialisation (in some environments it was initialising to BC, not AD).
2006-12-14 com.gbkr.library_1.3.19.jar com.gbkr.library.logging
Sorry, 1.3.18 wasn't up to scratch. Added variations to Logging.entering() and .exiting() and the option to set the implied tracing level, which is also configurable.
2006-10-08 com.gbkr.library_1.3.17.jar com.gbkr.library.logging
Added Logging.entering() and .exiting()
Fixed rounding bug (again) with unit size.
Added UTC.subtract()
2006-06-22 com.gbkr.library_1.3.16.jar com.gbkr.library.maths
Fixed rounding bug with unit size.
2006-05-31 com.gbkr.library_1.3.15.jar Corrected the library resource bundles.
Added CommandThread.
2006-05-07 com.gbkr.library_1.3.14.jar com.gbkr.library.logging
By popular demand, added the current thread name to the logged information.
2006-02-21 com.gbkr.library_1.3.13.jar com.gbkr.library.maths
Fixed a rounding error in Maths.
2005-11-10 com.gbkr.library_1.3.12.jar com.gbkr.library.util
UTC is now serialisable.
2005-11-07 com.gbkr.library_1.3.11.jar com.gbkr.library.util
Fixed a daylight savings time problem with UTC.toLocalTime().
2005-09-13 com.gbkr.library_1.3.10.jar com.gbkr.library.http.etc
By popular demand, extended HttpDocuments to vend images.
Added a toLocalDate() method to UTC.
2005-08-25 com.gbkr.library_1.3.9.jar com.gbkr.library.http.etc
Added a class, HttpDocuments, to vend document resources. Renamed the LoggingServlet as HttpLogging.
2005-07-19 com.gbkr.library_1.3.8.jar com.gbkr.library.http
Fixed the HttpServer.close() method to close the server socket.
2005-06-12 com.gbkr.library_1.3.7.jar Ran the library through findbugs, as suggested by Ian James. The Eclipse plugin is highly recommended.
Tidied the reporting of exceptions.
Minor changes to DateTime and a new local time method on UTC.
2005-04-17 com.gbkr.library_1.3.6.jar com.gbkr.library.logging
Added an exception logging method to Logging.
Added more methods to Statistics.
Added another constant to Strings.
2005-04-05 com.gbkr.library_1.3.5.jar com.gbkr.library.logging
Fixed the log file name to follow local time and rollover each day.
Added more methods to Statistics.
Added more structure to dates and times with DateTime and LocalTime.
Added appropriate methods to Text.
2005-03-29 com.gbkr.library_1.3.4.jar com.gbkr.library.logging
Added the configuration option to log to a file.
Added the CSVReader class.
2004-11-30 com.gbkr.library_1.3.3.jar com.gbkr.library.maths
Added a sign() method to the Maths class. Added the RunsTest class.
Added a Scale class, used in the algorithmic trading simulation applet. Added an InformationSet class.
2004-10-27 com.gbkr.library_1.3.2.jar com.gbkr.library.maths
Additional statistical distributions (Poisson, Exponential and Zeta) and refactoring into subpackages. Also optimised Maths.factorial() and improved method names.
2004-10-06 com.gbkr.library_1.2.0.jar com.gbkr.library.maths
Refactored the Finance class into Maths.
Added number formatting to the Text class.
2004-10-01 com.gbkr.library_1.1.0.jar com.gbkr.library.maths.prices
Implemented persistence for the average price mementos.